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Value Added Services
Value Added Services    
Manage Marketing and Promotions
We can help an organization in their marketing efforts in multiple ways. By creating websites that look elegant and convey a professional attitude, we can showcase your services and products on the web. Our designers and content developers can write persuasive content that would then be presented in an attractive manner.
Our experience with our own online marketing endows us with the necessary expertise that will help promote engines and thus give your website maximum visibility.
Maintenance Services
As we completed web applications for our customers, and as their businesses grew, the requirement of real-time support for the applications that we created was felt. Thus the Customer Care team was born. This team is active during the office hours India and provides professional support and maintenance for web applications. They also serve to enhance these applications. Being a process-centric organization, we have set up systems to give you a quality service. There is an efficient call logging and tracking system. Calls are categorized based on priority and we run by target resolution times. The customer is made fully aware of the call priority and target resolution time at the time of logging the call.
Design Consultancy Maintenance Services
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